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Capital Cleaning Victoria  is your one stop source for roof cleaning, moss removal, roof repair, deck washing and gutter service. Our air cleaning system can extend the life of your roof by up to 50%. You can rest assured that, with CCV  your home or business is in good hands.    “Gentle air roof cleaning is our specialty!”

Moss and mildew can drastically reduce the service life of asphalt shingles, tile, shake, and other roofing materials.

How exactly does moss damage your roof?

Moss holds moisture onto your roof, loosening the surface tension of the tar and shedding granules that protect the structure from uv rays and inevitable hot/cold cycles.

Moss can actually lead to roof leaks. Moss will start growing under the edge of the shingles. Forming dams that slows water run off, redirecting it into the roofs sheathing.


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