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Financial Management

We help business owners maintain clarity around their business numbers. Challenges can/will occur when business owners are too busy to monitor their financials – cashflow challenges; no profit improvement program; too busy to have any work-life balance; sick and tired of the constant struggle; etc. systems, policies and tactics can be implemented to address each of these and more.


Financial Strategy

A client-focused, fully developed, user-friendly 3-year business financial projections program is included at no extra cost with each of the “Financial Management Essentials” coaching programs. This financial projections program is also available for purchase by those wishing to do their own planning or by finance professionals wishing to use the program with their clients.


Project Analysis

There is a 6-Phase analysis program incorporating:
i) situation analysis
ii) goals and objectives analysis
iii) strategy analysis
iv) financial analysis
v) capital / debt analysis
vi) risk analysis incorporated into each of the “Financial Management Essentials” programs
This program is designed for any business in which i) growth is planned ii) growth is static iii) an annual strategic review is undertaken iv) a sale is planned, etc.

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Michael Palmer Consulting

Hello and welcome. We are grateful you have chosen to review our site. Having been through my own share of challenges – cardiac, mental health, business and personal financial – I am passionate about helping business owners maintain clarity around their business numbers. Many business owners are very busy working in their businesses trying to optimise their revenue, for many reasons including pandemic recovery, the economy maybe in a recession, there is still (at the time of writing) much uncertainty around border closures, travel restrictions, labour shortages, etc. etc.

This busyness sometimes precludes them from regularly reviewing their financials. Some do not understand financial reports. For some people, their financial management consists of checking the bank balance daily and proclaiming to themselves “If the bank is in credit, we are going OK” And sometimes things can get out of control, including insufficient cashflow to meet commitments, no profit improvement program, working too hard for too little compensation, even, sick and tired of not knowing ‘where to from here?’ or ‘is it all really worth it?’

We can take you through several programs, introduce strategies, policies and tactics to help you address these and other issues and provide you with a financial plan so you can see where you are headed and that it all can be worthwhile.


We have another eBook that records 6 important lessons I’ve learned by sometimes bitter and very expensive experiences.

I’ve learned that ‘handshake’ deals are not a good idea. That undertaking due diligence on all your significant financial decisions is a very good idea.

And that doing business with family may not be a good idea. By way of example, on the TV yesterday was a commentator warning about the risks to parents in guaranteeing their kid’s mortgage.

Your business should be regarded as a business, not a hobby or a pastime. You need to take advantage of available professional services – legal, accounting, consulting, medical, etc. Maybe, if you say you can’t afford certain services, your business could be undercapitalised. 

If you click on the Download button below, enter your details to subscribe. You can download a free copy of this amazing eBook to save yourself from making the same Astonishing Mistakes. 

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Why Choose Us

Michael Palmer Consulting

My name is Mike Palmer. I am a Business Mentor, Coach and Consultant.

I help established businesses to develop financial management systems for their business. For more than 5 decades I have advised businesses as a business growth consultant. I have assisted over 1,000 Australian businesses. During that time, I have found that many businesses have inadequate financial management systems. Business owners are rarely educated how to manage the financial aspect of their business. Budgets, Cashflow planning, and profit improvement activities are often not implemented.

As a result, many businesses are not reaching their full potential, or worse yet, going broke. To solve these problems I offer training, and mentoring services.

I am on a mission to help Australian business owners regain control of their business. And in doing so, create effective business growth plans. Many business owners unfortunately suffer high levels of anxiety. They often face cashflow challenges. They are sick and tired of working hard for little reward. And the constant financial pressure makes their life stressful. Implementing budget, cashflow planning and profit improvement systems is critical for any business. It removes the stress of financial uncertainty. It puts the business owner back in the driving seat. 

This is our mission. And we leave our clients feeling like they finally have control of their business. They have renewed energy and enthusiasm for their business. They understand their numbers about the future.



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