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Why You're Here

You know having a strong social media presence is important, but so is everything else in your business, which means it gets put on the back burner if you want more than a few hours sleep a night. Social media is changing so regularly, it's hard for you to keep up with the trends and opportunities available. Plus, if you're like many of our other clients, deciding on content to post for your own business is hard! Or perhaps you just want to try something different to the usual Facebook™ boost for a better return on your investment. We specialise in done-for-you social media management, but whatever your social media challenge, we're here to help.

Why Us?

Hi! I'm Anita, the founder of Simple Smart Social. I'm a Gold Coast based, passionate local business supporter, who loves social media marketing. My goal is to support your business across its social platforms, building a brand and growing your bank balance. As an experienced business owner, I understand you can't be an expert at everything and working to your strengths is key to enjoying your work. I'm also a mum, wife, sister, friend, dog lover, coffee connoisseur and all round busy lady who wouldn't have it any other way.

What's the Deal?

We help busy, growth-focused, Australian, professional businesses attract new clients through beautifully branded and effective social media content and marketing strategies. You can get started with your social media solution super quickly. While the focus is often on Facebook™ and Instagram™ social media management and ad management, if your target market is on LinkedIn™ or Twitter™, we've got you covered! With social media playing such a pivotal role in today's business, you can't afford to not take action.

Social Media Solutions for Growth-Focused Businesses

Next Steps...

If you need to start saving time, making money, or spending less time on social media, trying to figure it all out, get in touch with us and we’ll help you take the best next step.